I've always had an appreciation for photography and those shots you see in glossy mags and for me in particular EVO car magazine. Sadly up until now that is where it stopped for me, I appreciate the end result but never delved into the world of Photography.  Things have just changed however as I collected my first DSLR yesterday! Well, not exactly a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, but a new Digital Single Lens Translucent (SLT) in the shape of the much raved about Sony Alpha A35. I won't go into detail as would not be qualified to do so, but the very helpful chap at my local independent ca...
It's that time of year again when those who are wired in a certain way are thinking about ski holidays!  I for one would much sooner spend a week wrapped up in ski clobber splashing around in the powder snow and breathing the fresh mountain air than sat around a pool somewhere melting in the heat (my wife on the other hand has a slightly different outlook on these things...).  The truth of the matter is however that I have not made it to the slopes for the last 4 years as time has always been the enemy.  Summer holidays have ruled the roost under our roof, however not your average summer ho...
I’m in Cyprus at the moment enjoying a bit of down time and needed to bring some good reading material to help me get away from it all.  I’m not a huge reader myself, unlike my wife who being an English teacher always has her head in a book.  I am quite envious and when I do pick up a good book it’s far more rewarding than watching the TV.  I often find that I don’t have the time when at home and so my reading days are numbered usually to those when I am away. I picked up a copy of Jenson Buttons autobiography – A Championship Year, being a keen motorsport fan and enjoying the ...
Step one – Throw away any Pizza Hut, Domino’s or similar takeaway menu’s you have.  If you want a real Pizza and are not either in Italy or your local Italian restaurant then making your own pizza is simple and I can guarantee you’ll never go back!  You’ll walk past the frozen pizza aisle in the supermarket with a smug grin on your face. Pizza really is one of the simplest recipes that deliver the best results and anyone can do this from home.  It’s dead easy to make your pizza dough or you can simply buy a pack of ‘pizza dough’ and simply add water.  I’ll show you...
It’s an interesting argument and very subjective topic, a bit of a taboo subject really.  I’m new to personal blogging and want to generate a community of readers that might be interested in what I have to say.  I won’t write pointless blogs and have no commercial agenda to adhere to, so my blogs will be just that, my blogs.  If it interests me and I think it could interest my readers, I’ll write about it.  I’m sure many of my blogs will not interest everyone, but you might find that the odd one is right up your street. I want my readers / followers to feel valued and to be ho...


With Facebook celebrating its 500 millionth user (that’s half a billion!) today, what does the future hold for the internet.  Google are no doubt a little nervous about the rise of facebook and its unprecedented growth.  500 million users in just 6 years! and more than 80% of those in the last 2 years.  How long before Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) is celebrating 1 million users? I would be willing to bet it won’t be another 6 years!

How can Facebook become the next internet super power? I guess they need to monetise as it’s a free to use service and reports show that only in the last 12 months has Facebook as a business broken even.  It is currently generating revenue through advertising, but as Google has demonstrated, the internet is a potential gold mine and Facebook has every chance of success.  Google was not the first search engine, but it nailed the market, Facebook was not the first social networking site, but it nailed the market, now if it can follow in the footsteps of Google, Mark Zuckerberg, just 26 is set to be a very young millionaire!

So what do I make of Facebook, sure I use it, but I use it as a supplement to my social interaction, not as many seem use it as a primary form of social interaction.  For me, I like to meet my friends in person and have a catch up over a pint, that said, I cannot criticise if for putting people back in touch when easily drifting apart.  I played golf with an old school friend I had not seen in 10 years as he moved to Scotland, but he was visiting my home town, dropped me a note on Facebook and we met up for a round and a beer.  So in those circumstances it was great.

I think I am right in saying that Lady Gaga recently became the first person to have over 10 million likes to her Facebook page! 10 Million….that’s one in every 50 users on Facebook are fans of Lady Gaga? What does that say about the demographic of facebook users? Suddenly I feel old.


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